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Why Lease?


Leasing is as simple as traditional financing but has several advantages. With traditional financing, you purchase a car or truck, make a down payment and agree to pay for the vehicle over the life of the finance contract - plus any interest on the loan. These loan agreements usually range between four and five years. With leasing, you pay only the portion of the vehicle's worth that you anticipate using- over the term of the lease - plus any lease charges. By choosing Red Carpet Lease, you can select a convenient 24 or 36-month lease. At the end of your Red Carpet Lease, you have three options after you fulfill all of your lease obligations:

  • Return the vehicle and lease a new one, or
  • Purchase the vehicle at a predetermined price and keep it, or
  • Return the vehicle and walk away

Features & Benefits

Ford Credit's Red Carpet Lease provides significant advantages over many leases that are available from other automakers, car dealers, financing companies, credit unions and banks.

Helping you understand what you're paying for is important to us. You are provided with a detailed, step-by-step review of the vehicles final cost, down payment, cash or rebate amounts, and the lease charges involved so you know how your dealership arrived at your monthly lease payment.

Ford Credit is proud to be a member of the Canadian Vehicle Manufacturing Association with members that have adopted the Full Disclosure Lease.

Kilometer Flexibility

For those with special kilometer needs, Ford Credit offers a variety of kilometer options, including low kilometer lease (20,000 kilometers per year), a standard kilometer lease (25,000 kilometers per year) and the ability to purchase additional kilometers at lease inception.